January 2017…

SOTABeams WSPRLite Overview

This month I started a Virtual Build-a-thon with Chertsey Radio Club...we're building a Foxx-3 and K16 keyer combo from Kanga UK as a virtual group simply using videos and group Webex sessions once a week. It's brilliant fun and a great way to meet lots of new people.


Foxx-3 top view
Foxx-3 bottom view

I've been trialling a new toy from SOTABeams for a while and it's finally launched. The SOTABeams WSPRlite is a super small WSPR transmitter covering 160 - 20m which also comes with a rather good website to analyse your results including comparisons with other stations. Check out my overview video above.

As I've finally reached 50 I thought I'd treat myself to a swanky new key. I'm now the proud owner of a Begali Traveller...a beautiful and adaptable paddle from an amazing Italian manufacture. Check them out.


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