December 2016…

Elecraft K1

Straight key week came and went with almost no contacts this year. From the shack I used my lovely Marconi copy but the shack is often just a few degrees in temperature at this time of the year so I moved back indoors to operate from my bed! Operating the Air Ministry's Type D on my lap was quite a challenge.

The Christmas break gave me some much needed operating time so most of the QRP rigs and various paddles have had a bit of use this month.

The biggest challenge of the month was relocating our Radio Club storage cabin. It only had to move a few kilometres but the challenge of emptying it, lifting it onto a trailer and then squeezing it out of it's historic location through a gap that was narrower than the cabin itself was quite a job. Kudos to George, 2E0FEC for his professionalism making this happen.

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