October 2016…

As the month draws to an end this marks the end of my 8 week CW Ops training course. It's seen an amazing change in my ability through a fundamental change to the way I 'do' CW. Although I still have a lot of practice ahead to improve the percentage of copy I'm already more confident at attempting 20 - 22 WPM.
This month saw the EU/VK SOTA QSO party and I activated Walbury Hill (G/SE-001) for the occasion. A few VKs were heard but conditions were not that great and, surprisingly, most active stations were on SSB and I only went equipped with CW! Operated for an hour before I lost feeling in my fingers.
I've been dabbling with WSPR this month...turns out it's a very interesting way to study aerial performance and propagation from your QTH. More about this coming soon.
I always look at Radio Amateur Club websites in despair as they all look like they were created in the 80s...the 1880s that is. In an attempt to learn new methods to help move my club site into the new millennium I've been playing with WordPress and building a site of my own as a training opportunity. This is're experiencing the fruits of my labour. Enjoy.

One thought on “October 2016…

  1. Hi
    Nice site. Good to see a local interested in the Sam kind of things like WSPR and qrp in the field. Mostly I back pack around Dartmoor with an LNR Mountain Topper using a similar efhw and pico traps for 20,30,40m and HT with APRS for Sat work. My CW sucks but I keep trying!
    Also 20 years in Telco and Newbury ish based.

    P.s don’t like clubs, too many dinosaur

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