April 2016…

Hurrah, it’s EUCW QRS week again so you should hear me calling CQ between 12 – 14wpm this week and I’m happy to slow down more or repeat things as many times as you need :o)

The highlight this month was the @lids_cw CW Boot Camp which was held on the 16th April in Bristol. Contrary to the title is was a relaxed day with fantastic bunch of Hams all interested in sharing their CW experiences and learning something new. We all took kit along for a bit of ‘show and tell’ and filled the day with trying new keys, discussing the highs and lows of leaning CW and lots of sending and receiving.

A huge thanks to David, G7AGI for organinsing things. In attendance were; David (G7AGI), Matt (M0CUV), Paul (G0WAT), Steve (M0SPN), Simon (M3HXE), Paul (M0PNA), Matt (2E0LJZ), John (M0HFH) and Mike (G8HKS).

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