May 2017…


I was very fortunate to receive an early version of the LNR Precision MTR4B (Mountain Topper Radio) which is available in the UK & Europe fromDennis at Kanga UK. The MTRs are a pretty amazing family of radios and the MTR4B is a four band version that introduces 80m as standard along with simpler band switching, flip down legs and enough room in the case to retrofit a number of extras like internal batteries, Aerial Tuning Unit (ATU), etc. I got to play with the MTR4B for a few weeks and created an overview video of this amazing little transceiver.



One success & one failure...

I had to visit my office in Ivrea in Northern Italy and once again took the KX1 and random wire to throw out of a hotel window. This time, however, the window was locked which was a bit of a problem and, returning at 11pm I had hotel staff running around trying to find a key so we could get it open. We finally found the precious key but discovered you couldn't unlock the window and remove the key! After much negotiation the hotel staff agreed to leave the key with the mad Englishman and left me to it. It was midnight by the time I got the KX1 unpacked, battery connected, key set up, counterpoise unravelled on the appartment floor and the random wire hoofed out the window and over a tree. It was only now that I realised that I'd forgotten the BNC to binding post adaptor rendering me unable to attach the aerial to the radio :o(

My disappointment was slightly offset by receiving my first SOTA award...100 activator points, many hard earned!

SOTA Certificate for 100 activator points

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