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Mountain Topper (MTR3B) Review

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MTR3B set up

I'm using the MTR3B with a tiny three cell LiPo battery. This is rated at 11.1V 460mAh but note that when it's fully charged it can be closer to 12.5V. LNR warn against exceeding 12V but i have had no issues with this arrangement. I've created a short, fused power lead and have fitted the battery and lead with Anderson Power Poles as I use these on all my batteries and supplies. The MTR3B has an RCA aerial socket which is rather unusual. I think if you selected the right manufacturer there is just about enough room in the case to fit a chassis mounted BNC but the space between the PCB and the case is very tight. You can also get one piece adaptors with a male RCA to female BNC but they are quite long and I found that they can act a bit like a lever with an aerial attached, putting some stress on the aerial socket and annoyingly rotating the radio. I've chosen to build a simple dongle using about 17cm of RG58, an RCA male plug, a chassis mounted BNC female socket and a little heat shrink. The RG58 is a little snug into the RCA plug cover and, in hindsight a little heat shrink to provide some stress relief at this end of the dongle might be good but I've been using this for a couple of years now without any issues. It's a great way to connect an aerial without putting any stress on the RCA socket.

Palm Pico Paddle

The Pico Paddle from Palm Radio is a perfect match for the MTR3B. I've mounted the paddle base directly to the MTR3B chassis angled slightly downward. You'll note that the Palm Pico base has a mounting hole perfectly positioned to use the single screw on the side of the MTR3B that holds the chassis together. You won't be able to simply reuse the existing screw...it's too short. There is very little space inside the case so you will need to find a screw that is just a few millimetres longer than the original. I found a replacement with a flanged head to spread the load on the plastic base but a simple screw and washer would achieve the same thing. Note that the screw thread is an American standard so, if you are not in the USA, you may have difficulties matching this. I simply found a metric equivalent and 're-cut' the thread in the case by screwing it straight in! It was nice and firm and has not moved since.
MTR3B & Palm Paddle


MTR3B in it's case
MTR3B on dashboard
MTR3B station - shack
MTR3B Station - portable
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